Step 1

When printer is ready for installing L3D extruder, and plastic extruder is unmounted – install printed mount plate on printer.

Step 2

Attach stepper motor from right side of mount plate.

Step 3

Install extruder’s body on motor’s shaft, with previous installed silicon seal ring.

Be careful with seal – it may be pushed out with motor’s shaft. If seal will be missed, chocolate will come inside stepper motor and block it. 

Step 4

When extruder’s body and seal are installed on shaft, it’s time to install both gears and pin-shaft for second gear.

Step 5

 Be sure that transparent seal is installed on front cover, and close extruder with front cover.


Screw in 4 bolts М3.

Step 6

Install tank for chocolate.

Step 7

Install heating cartridge.

Step 8

Install temperature sensor.

Extruder is fully assembled. Now we can plug in all electronics to 3d printer's mainboard.

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