Wax extruder kit (pre-order)


For now available only 24V version

Pre-order version means that kit will be send to customer on 35-40th day after payment. Kit is same as from warehouse, difference only in production time.


WaxL3D is a new generation of extruder that prints with molten material at temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. The main purpose of the extruder is printing with jewelry waxes with melting temperature from 65 to 150 degrees.

The extruder is supplied pre-assembled and you only need to install it on the printer, install  tank, insert  and connect the heaters and temperature sensors. This kit uses 2 heating elements and 2 temperature sensors. One for heating the extruder body and nozzle, and the second for heating the tank. Based on this – the extruder should be installed on printers that have the ability to control 2 extruders and a heated table. Heating the table with wax printing is also necessary.

The extruder is equipped with a standard mounting plate that can withstand heating to the required temperature without deformation. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the extruder to the printer through this plate. In the X axis carriage, you may have to make 2 holes with a drill or screwdriver – to secure the extruder pad. To mark the holes, you should use the template from the kit. The rest of the setup process is similar to the chocolate version of this extruder.


More prints at – https://www.instagram.com/waxl3d/

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1. Stepper motor- 1 pc
2. Heater & thermistor -2 pairs
3. Extruder body – 1pc
4. Extruder cover – 1pc.
5. Tank – 1 pc.
6. Tank cover – 1pc.
7. Mount bracket – 1 pc.
8. Gears – 2 pc.
9. Shaft – 1 pc.
10. Nozzles – 2 pc. (0.2mm 0.4mm)
11. O-rings – 5 pc.
12. Nuts for nozzles – 2 pc.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 7 cm