Automatic mixer

This device allows you to make process of mixing chocolate almost automatic. You still need to add new chocolate into the tank during printing process.

For mixing chocolate inside the tank used plastic stick for cake pops with printed on 3d printer plastic mixer gear.  Mixer gear is instaled on plastic stick on 30 mm from one side of the plastic stick, and that side is touching  gears that are rotating inside the extruder.

Also you need to print tank cover with guide hole in the center. Sector in cover is open for easy adding new chocolate.When all parts are assembled you will need to put some weight – 20-40 gramms on top side of the shaft.

Working process – when gears are rotating extruding chocolate through nozzle, gear moving up plastic stick with mounted on it mixer gear. Mounted on the top of the stick weight helps to move it down. And this process is repeating while printing, mixing chocolate inside the tank. Also these movements allows to move up air bubbles.

Click here to download archive with 3d models for printing.